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For Them started as an idea between three friends who, over coffee, decided something had to be done about the way animals are being treated by our society. An important message to share and an urge to take action. One year later, these friends were signing the papers that would turn that dream into a reality: a foundation to raise a voice for the animals.


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For Them is a non-profit organization that raises awareness through different movements. First, physical movement. Having a deeply rooted connection to the Yoga philosophy, we share a message of compassion and equality in the āsana classes, workshops, and retreats that we offer so we all begin to refine our perception and observe the coherence between our thoughts, words, and actions. All yoga practices are an incredibly powerful platform to ignite the infinite potential we human beings have for kindness. Ethical vegetarianism has always been a spiritual practice before it became a philosophical movement. Also, creating an artistic movement that seeks to inspire.


In collaboration with different artists, we offer diverse pieces that show the beauty in the message that all lives are equally worthy. Art and all its forms and expressions are such a direct path to the heart, it has a unique way of touching and softening it. Third, through activism. While we want to inspire and uplift, there’s a painful reality that cannot be hidden anymore. We undertake different actions and share facts that need to be understood in order to make an impactful and knowledge-based shift in our habits as consumers. Action calls for action and we must start moving in the direction of change. A change that is necessary for the planet, for the future, for us, but most importantly, for them.


We’ve always had a dream of not only shifting our relationship as a society to animals, but of actually physically giving these animals the opportunity to live a life of freedom and happiness. Dignifying and caring for the animals who have once been considered a product or a number. All profits earned by our foundation are being saved to build an Animal Sanctuary that will provide a home for them. Next to it, a retreat center where we will continue to share Yoga and its message of peace and compassion, and which will offer support for the sanctuary. We know this is a big dream but we have big plans. 


Help us create a better world to live in. For the Animals. For the Earth. For us. Join us in this Movement for Freedom.

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