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/Her Retreat

Autumn Rituals for Women

in english

October 5th - October 9th, 2023 

LĪLĀ X Retreats Collective 


On this four day retreat, we invite you to slow to the rhythm of your natural heart beat, to step back and take a deeper look at the beauty of who you are. We wish to share all rituals as down-to-earth ways to soften, balm old wounds and envision anew; such has been our woman's quest. 


Eva, the founder of Retreats Collective meets Amber and Mariella, founders of LĪLĀ Collective. Together, we have learnt a vast body of knowledge about the bones of stories. We will be exploring practices from various traditions; from ancient āyurvedic wisdom and tea ceremonies, to Jivamukti Yoga, Kundalini kriyas, sound journeys and breath practices. All of which encircle us with the soft radiance of our own light reflected back at us. 


Nature carries the bundles for healing. The mesmerizing venue in Andalucia offers us scenes of the seaside, of rivers, mountains and forests; all to become a playground for us to dance, laugh and play; a place where the feminine is sacred.


/The Rituals

We come together as a community but we also give plenty of space for you to enjoy time to yourself, focus on your own personal journey to wellbeing and life at a slower pace. 


This collection of rituals is an invitation for you to dive deeper into the bliss of your own being. We have gathered all practices for you to take home and elevate your daily life.

/The Itinerary

We believe every woman deserves a life of joy, healing and connection, akin to the moments we share on our retreats. We will be holding the space as much as needed, supporting each participant with individual guidance. 


We invite you to be open for other unexpected rituals, twists and turns, creative explorations, surprising moments and adventures that will give meaning to this journey.


/The Teachers

Eva is a Certified Jivamukti Teacher & Reiki Practitioner.

As Eva was growing up, the world began to show her its many challenges and hardships. She was guided more and more into the world of movement medicine, and then Yoga. Through Yoga she was able to compassionately move through insurmountable challenges and into acceptance. 

She became a Teacher in february 2016, joining the community to empower humans to cultivate actions based on compassion, non-violence and Love. Over the last seven years Eva has received transmission from many teachers to whom she is endlessly grateful and devoted - among these are Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari and Meghan Currie. 


Eva believes whole-heartedly in a community that experiences unique immersive retreats for life changing transformation. She founded the Havah Yoga Collective as her first collective, and in the beginning of 2022, Retreats Collective came into life. 

She wishes to share these liberation practices for the heart as a pathway to recovery, transmitting the gifted experiences that helped her along the way.

Mariella Fragano is a Sound Meditation Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist.
She weaves all her healing modalities together to create spaces of ceremony where we can come together and meet our truest selves. Her offerings invite your awareness back to the present moment, to cultivate a joyful life rich with meaning. Her nurturing energy brings a feeling of being embraced by the heart of the feminine.

Mariella has been teaching yoga since 2015 , she uses her practice to re harmonize and awaken your inner vibrational frequency. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, studied with Gurmukh in India, at Rama institute in New york City and continues to follow the teachings of Guru Dharam. 

She has been sharing her spaces of sound since 2018 after studying with ethnomusicologue Alexandre Tannous and Gong Master Don Conreaux over several years in New York city. She is also a homeopath and massage therapist offering her therapeutic rituals in Paris. She enjoys bringing the healing element of touch in private treatments and during her group event spaces.

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H is for Happiness (65).jpg

Amber Riya is a Singer, Sound Alchemist and Āyurvedic Practitioner.

She lives by the philosophy that life is a precious opportunity to awaken to our true nature. With that in mind the way we live each moment is either helping us remember who we are or distracting us away from ourselves. Living life in ceremony strips away all that we are not so that we can sink into the deep bliss and joy of Being.
Amber has been sharing her music and sound healing sessions with the intention to share sacred spaces of awakening since 2011.


She has also been working with spiritual nutrition and āyurveda since 2015 after studying for her B.Sc and M.A. with the recognition that spiritual awakening needs to be supported by a healthy body and mind. Living a lifestyle that is aligned with nature helps us remain calm and connected through the many ups and downs of a spiritually focused life.

/The Venue

An historical property in the heart of Andalucia blending sustainability, design, high-end services and slow luxury. 


This old mill was built in 1651 and just recently renovated, sharing its history in beauty with the babbling 'Rio Guaro' running through the garden. With a dedicated attention to detail, the founder has brought her love for raw materials, imperfections, curated objects and art to create beautiful, harmonious and relaxing spaces. All the rooms are different one from another but they were all designed with the same mindfulness and equipped with an en-suite bathroom.


/Nourishment by Foodista Therapy

We are bringing on the extraordinary talent of Foodista Therapy Chef, Emma, to make sure our menu is made with all the love and passion of someone who truly sees food as medicine. We will be using all local and seasonal ingredients to bring a taste of the Mediterranean that is also adapted to the principles of Āyurveda. Amber and Emma will be designing the menu to blend their two tastes and bring us the simplicity and wholeness of all natural foods delicately prepared in a way to balance the seasonal energies.

We will be following the principle of ahimsa (non-violence), serving plant-based food only.

We cater for your dietary requirements, please mention any allergies or sensitivities upon booking.


questions & reservations |


A 350 deposit is required to confirm your spot.

Remaining amount is due by September 1st, 2023.

The Early Bird offer is only valid until July 25th, 2023.

Before applying, please read our terms and conditions here.

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