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/The Itinerary

We honor each participant in their fullness. We believe every woman deserves a life of joy, healing and connection, akin to the moments we share on our retreats. We will be holding the space as much as needed, supporting each participant with individual guidance. 


We invite you to be open for other unexpected rituals, twists and turns, creative explorations, surprising moments and adventures that will give meaning to this journey.

(1) Thursday 5th

sunrise 08:15

sunset 19:55

15:00 Arrivals at the Venue

Free Time 

16:00 Jivamukti Grounding Restore & Renew

17:00 Opening Ceremony

19:00 Dinner leading to an Ayurveda Nutrition talk

(2) Friday 6th

sunrise 08:16

sunset 19:55

7:00 Meditation & Pranayama

8:00 Jivamukti Yoga Asanas 

9:30 Breakfast


Time for introspection, unexpected rituals,

Reiki healing session, energy balancing massage,

or one on one ayurvedic consultation.


12:30 Lunch (on-site or takeaway) 

Free Time to explore the surrounding Nature. 

15:00 Sound Womb

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Dance, Movement Integration

(3) Saturday 7th

sunrise 08:17

sunset 19:52

7:00 Meditation & Pranayama

8:00 Jivamukti Yoga Asanas 

9:30 Breakfast

10:30 Ayurveda Women’s Health workshop

12:30 Lunch (on-site or takeaway) 

Free Time 

18:00 Kundalini Meditation

19:00 Dinner

​20:30 Yoga Nidra 

(4) Sunday 8th

sunrise 08:18

sunset 19:51

5.40 Wake Up Call with Amber’s voice. 

6:00 Sadhana Kundalini Practice 

8:00 Breakfast

11:00 Self-Care Ritual: Dry Brushing & Abhyanga Massage

12:30 Lunch

Free Time 


16:00 Jivamukti Hips opening Workshop + Live Music 

18:00 Kundalini Meditation

19:00 Dinner, Ayurveda & Poetry 

(5) Monday 9th

sunrise 08:19

sunset 19:50

7:00 Closing Tea Ceremony 

9:00 Breakfast

10:00 Departures

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