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Carlos Christian Rivero, a visual storyteller.

Carlos takes us to Sri Lanka; the place we have chosen as a second destination for our Jivamukti Retreat with Rebeca Recatero.

Carlos wishes to share sensorial experiences through visual journeys. exploring the space around us.

He is a filmmaker, photographer and art director based in Barcelona. His work focuses on unleashing the essence of stories which are depicted in his dreamy visuals; sculpted by his passion for sentient beings and nature.

He makes his three passions: traveling, surfing – the Sea- and filming, his way of life. He captures and connects with the environment, its beings, becoming the protagonist of his own tales. His ideal landscape would be one with wild vegetation, reminding him of his Venezuelan roots and the Sea, his playground since always.

Today he is sharing with us one of his projects in Sri Lanka. There isn’t a better way to discover a new place than through art. We hope you enjoy Carlos’ photography as much as we do.

Where art meets activism.

Words | Eva Lucie Daniela, founder of Retreats Collective

Images | Carlos Christian Rivero | all rights reserved.

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