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The Additions

We believe we all deserve a life of joy, healing and connection, akin to the moments we share on our retreats. We invite you to customise your retreat.


From Reiki Healing sessions, Lymphatic Detox and Face Sculpt treatments, to Colon Hydrotherapy, Infra-red Sauna and Sound healing, all of these additional offerings will enhance this Self-care journey. We have already included a 60 min Balinese Massage at the Darshana in-house Spa in the cost.

Face Sculpt

90 min - 180 USD

The Face Sculpt is a natural face-lift that uses deep tissue techniques to release the tension and connective tissues of the face, partnered with lymphatic drainage techniques to de-puff and eliminate any toxins. These techniques combined assist with headaches, jaw tension, blocked sinuses, reducing the appearance of fine lines, bringing fresh blood and oxygen to the skin which helps even out the complexion. The Face Sculpt includes a double cleanse, mask, serums and moisturiser using LESSE products, as well as, decolletage, neck, face & scalp massage. Resetting the face to appear more relaxed, lifted and vibrant.

Lymph Sculpt

90 min - 140 USD

The Lymph Sculpt focuses on the lymphatic system, which acts as the body’s sewerage system, that cleanses the body of toxins, metabolic waste and excess fluid. When this system is not working properly, the tissues swell with stagnant fluid which becomes congested, appearing puffy or swollen. This treatment uses Brazilian style lymphatic drainage techniques and the use of cups to target draining the excess fluid, breaking up and reducing the appearance of cellulite and reshaping and sculpting the body. Resetting the body to feel lighter, slimmer and more relaxed.

Reiki Healing

60 min - 90 USD

Reiki healing is an extremely powerful, yet gentle pure energy form. This is a specific type of subtle healing energy work performed by the touch of the hands (or not), allowing the energy from a limitless source to flow to the patient via the Reiki practitioner. 

Reiki healing creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension. It works with the body’s natural intelligence and sensations as signals from the soul. It accelerates the body's self-healing abilities and helps to relieve pain. It removes energy blockages and restores balance and harmony in the body. It helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing, as well as, cleanses the toxins from the body.


This approach to energy healing is truly holistic; working not just with the body and mind but also with family, relationship and  societal patterns. This healing therapy works well with trauma, chronic pain or illness, digestive issues, stress, depression or anxiety, troubled sleep and much more.

The Darshana Spa

The in-house Darshana Veda Ayurvedic Spa is surrounded by lush gardens and flowing water, making it the perfect place for you to rejuvenate. The spa offers specialized Ayurvedic treatments and a range of traditional massages, manicure pedicure, flower petal bath and more. All the products are luxurious, natural, and made in-house. 



A 60 min Balinese Massage is already included in the cost.

prices vary depending on treatments

Sound Healing 

to be confirmed

The Pyramids of Chi is an innovation to the world through the combination of Pyramid Power, Sacred Geometry, Polar Alignment, Ancient Sounds, and the ever-present magical energy of Bali.

An Ancient Sound Healing session guides you into an effortless state of relaxation. The process is as scientific as it is mysterious. It requires nothing but your presence to be fully appreciated, but it must be experienced in order to be understood. The rhythmic frequencies produced by a plethora of Ancient instrumentation during our Sound Healing Sessions, layer into an ocean of vibration. These waves interact both with the water in our bodies, with our DNA and with our chakra system aiding the intelligence of our bodies to feel, heal, relax & release.


What's Included?

- Refreshing welcome drink

- Introduction to Sound Healing and Pyramid Power

- 1-hour sound healing using Ancient instruments which may include gongs, drums, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, Didgeridoo, North American Indian flute, the human voice, and many more

- A safe and comfortable environment for relaxation and healing in the Pyramid of the Sun

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy or "Colonics" is the best way to detoxify the body and support the immune system. This can be especially useful when fasting, cleansing, losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Administered by our experienced, certified practitioners at The Yoga Barn’s Cleanse and Detox Center we use the Wood’s Gravity Method to re-stabilize the muscle of your large intestine. With the use of sterilized equipment and triple-filtered, warm water, with regulated pressure, water flows in and out of the colon gently removing waste from the large intestine through a tube (closed system) by the process of natural peristalsis.

to be confirmed

Infra-red Sauna

The Far-Infrared Sauna does not heat the air inside the sauna, instead, it warms the body from the inside out, using Far-Infrared Rays. The rays deeply penetrate the skin and dissolve harmful environmental toxins deep within the fat cells of the body.

Raising the core temperature in the body causes sweating and a rise in heart rate and metabolism while the body works to cool itself down – resulting in calories being burnt. The sweat glands are one of the few mechanisms in the body to eliminate toxins and as the skin is the largest organ in the human body, sweating through the skin eliminates toxins in the cells fast. The Far-Infrared sauna is perfect for people who cannot tolerate the high temperatures of standard humid hot-air saunas.

to be confirmed

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