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Portugal Jivamukti Retreat
Sintra Sanctuary 

in english

October 29th - November 2nd, 2022 | sold out

with Eva Lucie Daniela & Rebeca Recatero


Liberation practices and movements for the body, mind & heart. 


Rebeca & Eva felt the need to redefine what a meaningful retreat, in an ever-shifting world, can entail. They are joining hands and combining forces with the creation of this concept, taking you to different corners of the world. 

Designed to cultivate loving kindness and consequently strength and courage, their retreats are about celebrating each other and connecting to the most honest and complete version of Your Self.

Jivamukti Yoga is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. The Jivamukti Method is grounded in the original meaning of the Sanskrit Word Asana as “seat, connection” – relationship to the Earth. Earth implies all of Life.

We together take the chance to [re] write our stories once more.


We plan our retreat thoughtfully and lovingly so that our retreaters experience this escape filled with cherished memories.


But we give plenty of space for you to enjoy time to yourself and life at a slower pace. We encourage you to create a schedule that suits your needs for each present moment.


Our feelings have blended, 

Our paths converged, 

Our stories merged.



I started practicing Yoga in my early 20s when I was living in Sydney, Australia finishing my university studies.

My first yoga practice was unlike anything I had experienced before. It was all new yet it felt familiar and intimate. As if the words of compassion and reconnection were speaking right into the awakening of my heart and mind.

I trust that in cultivating the courage for opening and softening, as Yoga teaches us, we can move in a direction that feels purposeful.

I have been practicing since 2015 and teaching a year after that. Having studied this method for all these years, I am certified as an Advanced Jivamukti Yoga teacher and feel grateful to serve as a mentor and facilitator at the teacher training in Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona.

Continuing to teach classes, workshops and retreats my intention is to keep expanding the teachings as far and as deep as it is possible.



As I was growing up, the world began to show me its many challenges and hardships.  I was guided more and more into the world of movement medicine, and then Yoga. Through Yoga I was able to compassionately move through insurmountable challenges.


And it eventually became evident that these gifts needed to be shared with a wider community. I became a Teacher in february 2016 with Santosha Yoga, an Australian Institute. 


In 2018, I became a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, joining the community to  empower humans to cultivate actions based on compassion, non-violence and Love.


Over the last six years I have received transmission from many teachers to whom I am endlessly grateful and devoted - among these are Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari and Meghan Currie. I have always believed in this collective inspiration for a creative expression of body and soul {or bodysoul}, to this end the Havah Yoga Collective was founded.


I wish to share these liberation practices for the  heart as a pathway to recovery, transmitting the gifted experiences that helped me along the way.



Beautiful simplicity and earthly wholeness. Each serving is a result of considering the whole journey from the roots to the end of the fork. 

What we eat and how we eat is a reflection of the relationship we form with ourselves, other beings and our environment.

We are delighted to work with Dreamsea's talented chefs who will create a vegan menu, combining local and seasonal ingredients with the taste of late summer and Portuguese Food.  



A place where tranquility reigns. Dreamsea Surf House is a charming typical building surrounded by the abundant density and quietness of Nature. Located in Sintra,  within a short drive from the Ocean, it will give you an immense feeling of infinite freedom. 


The villa offers two Suite rooms, four Double rooms, one Shared room and six Glampings tents with their private bathrooms - all the necessary comfort, services and facilities. You will enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, the mini-spa with sauna, a steam bath and Jacuzzi and many calm areas meticulously created, both inside and outside, for Self-Reflection and rest. 


Room size and prices vary. 

Register early to ensure you get your preferred room option.




Sintra is a small and very picturesque city and a mandatory visit if you are in Portugal. Located in the hills surrounded by the most beautiful nature, Sintra was a summer getaway for the Portuguese aristocracy and is now a Unesco World Heritage site. You will feel like you are in a fairy tale surrounded by pastel-coloured palaces, romantic villas, medieval castles and stunning scenery.  


An afternoon trip with countless stories to be told. 


Palácio Da Pena sits on a high peak surrounded by hectares of beautiful wooded grounds. It  is the most colorful and well-recognized castle of the group. It is an example of 19th century Romanticism architecture with its ornate rooms and  towers overlooking Sintra. Tickets 14 euros. 

Palácio De Monserrate is an exotsic dream, a retreat for writers. With its peaceful gardens and rolling hills, this palace seems to belong in Morocco or India. After admiring the ornate interiors, you will discover its park with a large lawn, water features, ornamental lakes, and gardens with exotic plants and trees from around the world. Tickets 8 euros.



Where the land ends and the sea begins. The coast of Sintra is full of little corners to discover: beautiful wild beaches such as “Praia Grande” , old trams that take you to a different time and place, a tiny coastal town built on the cliff “Azenhas do Mar”... We organise transfers for you. 



Surfing and Yoga naturally go hand in hand as complementary physical, spiritual, and philosophical practices. 


Dreamsea Surf Program has been specially designed by professionals of physical education, surf and sports. Created and meticulously designed for all levels of surfers and for all physical conditions; whether it is your very first time or you have been surfing for a while.


One surf lesson ( two hours ) - 40 euros | including transport and material.

Surfboard rental -  15 euros per day


questions & reservations |


A 300 EUR deposit is required to confirm your spot. Remaining amount is due by September 20th, 2022.

Before applying, please read our terms and conditions here.

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