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/The Nataraja Retreat

in english

June 19th  - June 23rd, 2023

with Conor Byrnes & Eva Lucie Daniela


Waking up from the dream of separation allows us to truly celebrate the endless dance of creation, duration, transformation and embodiment. Understanding is the means for Liberation.


The enticing Andalusian land of natural beauty beckons just beyond the coastal mountain ranges. Andalucia is a land of rocky peaks, wooded hills and green valleys, where rivers cascade through the landscape creating natural rock pools. It is a land of lakes, deserts, forests, mountains and seas, olive groves and orchards.


From the expansive landscape to the in-house former Michelin-Star chef’s menu, the retreat has been designed to reinvigorate our bond with Nature and to recultivate a conscious connection to living.


We have created a safe and inspiring environment, woven through with all of our favorite practices for the bodymind and the heart. We will share our experience and guidance as we allow space for a daily practice of  Jivamukti Yoga including Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, Meditation as well as Philosophy and Satsang. Integrating all aspects will deepen your practice and understanding of Yoga as a whole – allowing its powerful subtleties to unfold and blossom.


Letting go so that we are not lacking, but receiving. Acquiring knowledge, resilience, so we can create room in the heart for something greater.

Come Together, 

Retreat Yourself.

/The Itinerary

We honor each participant in their fullness. 

We make sure to hold the space as much as needed, supporting each participant with individual guidance. 

We come together as a community but we also give plenty of space for you to enjoy time to yourself, life at a slower pace and focus on your own personal journey to wellbeing. 


Anytime, you will give yourself the space for introspective time alone wandering through the olive groves, journaling, reading or simply resting. 

Alongside the yoga practices there will be optional activities including Massages of 30 or 60 minutes, cooking classes with our former Michelin-Star Chef,  Stand-Up-Paddle on the Viñuela Lake and a 8-km walk to the Buddhist center Stupa Kalachakra.

We encourage you to create a schedule that suits your own needs for each present moment.

/The Teachers


Conor, a Jivamukti Advanced  Certified teacher based in Paris, was raised in the United States and served two years in Senegal as a member of the United States Peace Corps. Conor’s love for yoga began at the age of 18 and it has been the great joy and guide. His teachers have instilled in him a deep belief in the transformative power of asana, meditation, pranayama and deep wisdom, as well as the expansion of compassion and insight through embodied experience.


Conor recently completed his Master’s studies in neuroscience at Humboldt Universität, Berlin. He aims to synthesize contemporary science and ancient spirituality by integrating them into the light of mindful practice. Conor continues his humanitarian work in Senegal and other developing countries with his non-profit organization Jango Project.


He has had the good fortune to study with many Jivamukti teachers namely Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari, Lady Ruth and his mentor Anja Kühnel. He has mentored the Jivamukti 300-hour teacher training in India and the 75-hour Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior teacher training at Jivamukti Paris with Ian Szydlowski-Alvarez.

As Eva was growing up, the world began to show her its many challenges and hardships.  She was guided more and more into the world of movement medicine, and then Yoga. Through Yoga she was able to compassionately move through insurmountable challenges and into acceptance. 

She became a Teacher in february 2016, joining the community to empower humans to cultivate actions based on compassion, non-violence and Love. Over the last seven years Eva has received transmission from many teachers to whom she is endlessly grateful and devoted - among these are Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari and Meghan Currie. 


Eva believes whole-heartedly in a community that experiences unique immersive retreats for life changing transformation. She founded the Havah Yoga Collective as her first collective, and in the beginning of 2022, Retreats Collective came into life. 

She wishes to share these liberation practices for the heart as a pathway to recovery, transmitting the gifted experiences that helped her along the way.

/The Hideaway


The property is set on top of a mountain in the picturesque Andalusian countryside; offering a breathtaking 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains, the turquoise lake Viñuela and the distant Sea. Each area of the property is a sanctuary to relax, contemplate and immerse in Nature.


The Shala that will steal your heart the instant you set foot on the mat with its large windows opening on the mountains. We will sometimes practice outside on the platform overlooking the Lake to catch a glimpse of the sunrise.

The Venue offers spacious bedrooms all decorated with natural colors and materials and with their own en-suite bathroom, a bathtub or a large walk-in shower. All rooms have fabulous views of the lake, the distant sea or the garden and are well appointed with quality in-room comforts.

The rooms are unique in design and outlook, some smaller and some larger.  Prices vary too. We offer you different kinds of rooms in order to fit all your needs.

/The Nourishment


Beautiful simplicity and Earthly wholeness. Each serving is a result of considering the whole journey from the roots to the end of the fork. What we eat and how we eat is a reflection of the relationship we form with ourselves, other beings and our environment. We follow the principles of Ahimsa, serving Vegan food only. 

​We are delighted to work with a former Michelin star chef on this retreat, combining local and seasonal ingredients with the taste of the Mediterranean.


​We cater for your dietary requirements, upon booking please mention your allergy or special requirements.


A 300 EUR deposit is required to confirm your spot.

Remaining amount is due by May 15th, 2023. 

The Early Bird offer is only valid until April 1st, 2023.

Before applying, please read our terms and conditions here.

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