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Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. Created by Sharon Gannon and David Life, the Jivamukti School incorporates traditional Yoga practices into a modern lifestyle without losing sight of the ancient wisdom and the universal goal of Liberation. Each class includes set Asana sequences, Pranayama exercises, the study of Mantras and Sutras, Kriyas, Meditation and Relaxation.

At Jivamukti, we use art, music, dance, and poetry to create an environment that inspires you to investigate the mysteries of Life.

Jivamukti Yoga is a vinyasa-based vigorously physical, and intellectually stimulating practice that you will be experiencing in the morning sessions. In the evening, the Restore & Renew classes will give the body some deep rest and allow the mind to unfold in a trustful space where deep healing takes place.


Finally, we will linger in the liminal space between sleep and wakefulness with a Yoga Nidra Session. By bringing light to the shadowy parts of the mind, we can uncover and discover the true purpose of Life, inviting more freedom and detaching from all patterns and stories. 

Photography Workshops

Camille believes the essence of the divine feminine lies in deep connection with Mother Nature — “I want to help people reconnect with the roots of nature and the ocean, by featuring the female body in nature, showcasing how it can awaken our senses: smell, sight and touch. I see no separation between the woman I am photographing and her surroundings – they are one, as the woman lives inside nature.”

Through a flowstate of authenticity, other dimensions are unlocked and it is through embracing this abyss of continual change, evolution and self acceptance that we find luminous freedom.

Camille, through her gaze, will testify to the astonishing beauty of women, coloured with nudity and to the vital nature of water, which dresses their gestures. It bears witness to the necessary harmony between bodies and the living beings that feed them. In these workshops, the copper of the skins binds to the reflections of nature. 

After a first Creative Talk at the Venue, we invite you to be a part of her underwater workshop, where you will offer yourself to this shooting experience and become her muse. 




This retreat has been designed to improve your longboarding level. Regardless if you are just beginning longboarding (but have been surfing for a while), practicing your first cross steps or trying to improve your hang time, we will guide you through in-depth surf sessions and analysis, led by local surf guides and Josie. 

You do not need to know how to ride a longboard to join the retreat, however, some basic skills are necessary; including catching waves on your own (without being pushed), taking off and feeling confident enough in the water. You will be given a comprehensive rundown of the spot before we go in. You will surf mellow waves in deep water under the careful guidance of Josie and our experienced instructors. 

Sri Lanka is home to some of the most striking and breathtaking sceneries in the world and not to mention an abundance of incredible surf spots. We want to give you the opportunity to discover some of the best longboard waves that Sri Lanka has to offer, from just a 5-15 minute tuk-tuk ride north or south from the venue.

We recommend bringing your own board if you have one. This will help you progress on the board you are normally surfing on and are used to. However, if you can't bring it, we will provide one for you (free of charge).  Please let us know via the Registration Form if you will need us to organize  for you.

Boards, transfers, local guides, Josie’s guidance, filming, photography  & feedback are included in the package. We will be filming two sessions and offer a video analysis at the venue. Camille will be shooting in the water too, creating the most beautiful memories for you to take home.

The Spa

Stimulate your senses, create your personal spa ritual as a combination of your favorite treatments at the Kurulu Bay Spa. They have hand-picked the best therapists from around the world to create treatments that blend Eastern Wellness and Western Science.

From Deep Tissue, Traditional Thai, Energy and Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Wraps, scrubs to Manicure & Pedicure, discover the Spa Menu here. 

For any questions or doubts regarding our offerings & additions, please reach out. 

We want to guide you the best way we can.


Let us know as soon as you are ready to secure your place via the following form.

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