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The Rituals 

This collection of rituals is an invitation for you to dive deeper into the bliss of your own being. We have gathered some potent practices for you to try during the retreat and to take home to elevate your daily life. The rituals are condensed into workshops following complimentary themes of invoking, empowering and embodying the goddess so that you leave the retreat feeling fully grounded into your most divine essence.


Jivamukti Yoga & Emotional Healing Workshop

Jivamukti Yoga is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. Created by Sharon Gannon and David Life, the Jivamukti School incorporates traditional Yoga practices into a modern lifestyle without losing sight of the ancient wisdom and the universal goal of Liberation.  


At Jivamukti, we use art, music, dance, and poetry to create an environment that inspires people to break out of their small selves and feel the Divine Self flowing through them. Jivamukti Yoga is a vinyasa-based vigorously physical, and intellectually stimulating practice combined with an equally strong foundation in the ancient spiritual traditions of Yoga. 


In the morning we practice silence; embracing these sacred moments of peace. We begin everyday with Pranayama and Meditation, followed by an extended Jivamukti Yoga practice of Asanas, where you will receive individual assists and guidance from Eva. Each class includes the study of Mantras and Sutras, Kriyas and Relaxation.

One healing workshop, designed to delve into the emotional intricacies stored in our hips, providing a safe space for release will also take place in the afternoon. 

HER Story ― Reclaiming the Goddess

In this session we dive deep into HERstory. Using storytelling to take a mythopoetic lens on the goddess, we invite HER to descend from the heavens and become manifest in all of creation, in all of our bodies. It is an invitation for women to re-learn how to nurture their inner sanctuary and rediscover every facet of their feminine essence. And  using sacred sensuality as a gateway to deeper communion with the Divine Feminine that dwells within.


Embrace & Empower

Worshiping the goddess as ourselves. The most obvious place to look for the goddess is in the female form, in all of its glorious shapes and sizes. For many women today though, the connection with their bodies has become one infused with tension and self-judgment based on beauty standards set by an industry that only stands to profit by shaming women’s bodies. When we don’t enjoy the beauty of our own form we give our power away to an outdated system that needs to die. This workshop is all about reclaiming our power through radical embodiment of the female form just as it is. It is about owning every curve of hip and breast, every freckle, every dimple, every scar left on the body through childbirth and breastfeeding. When we look at the ancient statues left behind by matriarchal cultures they worshiped the female form as skinny, as curvy, as tall and as short. Every shape was celebrated. If we want to be empowered today, we must do the same.


Kundalini Activation

Taking its source from high above, this energy descends to the base of the spine, where the dormant Kundalini resides. Awakened, it spirals upward in a twirling dance towards the crown, orchestrating an eternal symphony of rising and falling energies. Journey into the Self using Kundalini Activation to fall effortlessly into HER presence and the bliss of being. Embracing the frequencies you will be invited to feel HER undulating waves moving within you an embodied dance with  the essence of your awakening life force.

Rediscover your own nature through the essence of the Goddess within present in every breath and  every whisper of existence. A boundless meditative expanse where we merge, effortlessly carried by the current of life itself. It's an immersive plunge where consciousness dissolves into HER embrace. HER essence lies in the palpable sensation of HER fluid movements and sensations, cascading through our beings in waves and pulses resonating through us.

Sound Womb

This workshop is all about letting go. We use an alchemy of breathwork and vocal release to let go of any old stories. The body has its way of holding on to the pains of life. The nervous system has a memory and without even knowing we are often carrying somatic tension from difficult experiences we have lived. As women, this is especially the case in our wombs, which are designed by nature to be carriers. In this session we do the work of cleaning up these old stories and letting the old versions of ourselves fall away. We shout, we scream, we cry and finally we get to be reborn as a new version of ourselves who is free of the somatic oppression of old pains. Without those stories we step into the light-being that we were always meant to be, and have always been underneath it all. A newborn goddess is revealed and is ready to be discovered and adored.


Sound Dream

A cocoon of sound to land in the space, relax the body and prepare to be lullaby-ed to sleep. We know that life out there is busy and even getting to our remote retreat location can be quite a journey. So we have planned this Sound Dream on our first evening to give you a chance to fully arrive, to put down your bags, release any tension in the body and begin the gentle process of opening the heart. You will be taken on a soft and gentle sound journey where all we ask of you is to fully relax and melt into stillness.


Voice activation ― Chanting of the Holy Names

Sound and music is perhaps the most effective way to invoke the goddess. If we see the goddess as manifest in all of creation we quickly realize that the basic foundation of this material plane is vibration. All of the subatomic particles are vibrating themselves into existence. All of the geometric forms that hold reality into place are basically containers for sound waves to move through. When we dig deeper into reality we see that in fact all is vibration. The goddess herself is sound. So what better way to invoke her and to celebrate her than by singing her holy name? And she has many. Oh, she has so many. In this session we will be cultivating our voices and singing the sacred names of the goddess to worship her in her many forms, all while knowing that her most true form, is our own.

The Additions


Energy Balancing Massage

Deeply meditative, this experience brings the body into alignment through a combination of massage, essential oil blends and healing crystals and sound. This unique experience leaves you feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in an increased feeling of wellbeing.


75 minutes -  80 euros


Private Ayurvedic consultation

In the ancient medical system of Āyurveda supporting women’s health is considered the most efficient way to improve the health of the whole community. Women are the gateway for the next generation so their health builds the foundation of health for the future of the community. Women have also long been the ones cooking and caring for others. If we empower women, we empower everybody. Unfortunately in the modern age it has become normal for women to suffer from menstrual, fertility and menopausal issues. But just because it is common, that does not make it normal. Ayurveda offers many simple solutions to improve hormonal balance and general health so that a woman never has even the most minor of issues. This is tried and tested by myself. After attuning to an ayurvedic lifestyle I don’t have any symptoms around my menstruation, my bleed has become totally painless, short and light. I was astounded! And so it has become a passion of mine to inspire women to discover the full balance and bliss their bodies are capable of with some simple food and lifestyle tips.


75 minutes - 70 euros


Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is an extremely powerful, yet gentle pure energy form. This is a specific type of subtle healing energy work performed by the touch of the hands (or not), allowing the energy from a limitless source to flow to the patient via the Reiki practitioner. 

Reiki healing creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension. It works with the body’s natural intelligence and sensations as signals from the soul. It accelerates the body's self-healing abilities and helps to relieve pain. It removes energy blockages and restores balance and harmony in the body. It helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing, as well as, cleanses the toxins from the body.


 60 minutes - 70 euros 

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