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  • The Lymphatic system is a crucial component of the circulatory, immune and metabolic systems.

  • The Lymphatic system is like the body’s sewerage system which collects all the waste products that leak out of our blood vessels and bacteria that enters into our body through our skin to maintain the fluid levels of our body’s tissues.

  • Lymph sits in the second layer of skin (the dermal layer) that’s why it’s important not to use too much pressure otherwise you’ll bypass the lymph completely.

  • We hold 12L-15L of lymph in the body at any one time vs 5L of blood. Where lymph carries out toxins, bacteria, viruses and fats and the blood nourishes and brings nutrients to the cells to restore and replenish.

  • Our lymphatic system cleanses our tissues, protecting our bodies from illness-causing invaders, absorbing digestive tract fats and removing cellular waste. It’s our immune system, our first line of defense, our internal support. Without it, we would have toxic overload, and it wouldn’t be long before disease set in.

  • When the lymphatic system is not working properly, the tissues swell and the stagnant fluid becomes congested, appearing puffy or swollen. If we are blocked in any of our lymph nodes, we will see inflammation in the form of pain, tenderness, discomfort, immobility, skin conditions and many other ways. If toxic fluid can not drain away, we are left with a swamp like scenario going on within our tissues.

  • The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump so it can easily become sluggish, especially if we don’t have a healthy diet or we don’t move our bodies throughout the day. At rest the lymph system drains about 1.2oml of “dead” fluid per minute and during exercise it can drain about 20 ml per minute. Which is why it’s so important to move our bodies everyday and help filter that lymphatic waste.


  • Lymphatic drainage helps increase our energy levels, boosts the immune system by flushing out the body’s toxins, assists with regulating hormones, helps clear up acne and helps with a deeper night's sleep.

  • The Lymph system does not have a pump which means that it relies on other factors like lifestyle, diet, and exercise to help drain the lymph. Hence, why lymphatic drainage massage is so incredible because the fluid is manually pumped/pushed back into the lymph nodes to then be filtered back through the circulatory, digestive or urinary systems.


The Face Sculpt is a natural face-lift that uses deep tissue techniques to release the tension and connective tissues of the face, partnered with lymphatic drainage techniques to de-puff and eliminate any toxins. These techniques combined assist with headaches, jaw tension, blocked sinuses, reducing the appearance of fine lines, bringing fresh blood and oxygen to the skin which helps even out the complexion. The Face Sculpt includes a cleanse, massage to the chest, neck, face and scalp and a moisturiser. Resetting the face to appear more relaxed, lifted and vibrant.

Words by Sophie Du Lac, Co-founder of The Shala Bali Retreat

All rights reserved.


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