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I have always felt so deeply connected to Sharon’s words and this is why today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite quotes from her. I had the chance to meet Sharon and receive her teachings during the Jivamukti Teacher Training in India, in February 2018. I hope it will inspire you to re-connect, deeply, madly and truly with the power of Love and become the best version of yourself. Love is at the heart of all successful relationships.

With Love,

Eva Lucie Daniela.

I. | “Don’t expect others to change. Instead, take on the project and see if you can become the change you want to see in the world. Try your best to let go of anger, blame and seeing yourself as a victim.” |

II. | “We create the world we live in. If we want to change what we don’t like in the world, we must start by changing what we don’t like about ourselves.” |

III. | “The best way to uplift our own lives is to do all we can to uplift the lives of others.” |

IV. | “The way you treat others determines the way others treat you; the way others treat you determines the way you see yourself; the way you see yourself determines who you are.” |

V. | “What we do to others will come back to us. You can’t expect to be happy by causing unhappiness to others.” |

VI. | “If you practice Yoga for small, selfish reasons, you will remain the same, bound by your beliefs about what you can and cannot do. Let go and offer your effort to limitless potential. Dedicate yourself to the happiness of all beings.” |

VII. | “To cultivate compassion, try to remember that others are doing the best they can, just like you, and that when someone does something abusive, they are getting something that they feel is positive from the experience.” |

VIII. | “I don’t miss another opportunity to try to do my best to finish the things I have left undone. I could say: It’s my unresolved karma that wakes me up in the morning.” |

All inspirational words and images from Sharon Gannon, Founder of the Jivamukti Yoga Method.

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