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Embrace your full presence in this world, your great Yes to Life.

This is not always graceful. Sometimes it is downright messy.

Be fed up and get mad.

Embrace periods of confusion, insecurity, darkness, chaos.

Fall to pieces, release a lot of tears.

Never forget the people who have opened doors for you,

And do not take any sacrifices they have made for granted.

Stop projecting outward, stop blaming, stop looking for fault.

Take your responsibility in the conflict,

and see it appearing from your own projections.


Let Go.

This is the only thing that will allow your heart to become lighter.

Allow Truth to exist and outshine all deceit.

Clean away the dirt of ignorance.

Remember who you truly are.

The Divine and Eternal Self, the atman, the I-Am.

Remember you are not the body and mind although, you have a body and mind.

Experiment of all the richness hidden in your inner universe.

You have all the answers.

You can heal from any kind of suffering.

Be calm, serene.

Let your body and soul express themselves fully, freely.

Follow that call to return Home to yourself.

You know the way.

Take back your voice, write, create.

Leave footprints.

You must hurry up.

Sit up, get up and go see.

Even when you have no idea of where to go, in what direction, or for how long.

You may get lost, stumble around for a while trying to find what calls you.

But eventually you will end up knowing what you need, knowing why you are here.

Home will allows you to experience feelings, emotions, thoughts,

Peace, freedom from worry, freedom from suffering.

Home is a place of Self acceptance, Self preservation, Self expression & Self reflection.

Home is where all is exactly as it should be, perfect exactly as it is.

Where all the noises sound right, and the light is just right.

That is home.

You are capable of that.

You have all you need.

Nothing is missing.

You are loved.

You are a holy being.

Words | Eva Lucie Daniela , founder of Retreats Collective

Image | Monique Manceau, Crète 1975


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