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Creating Brighter Futures for Children in Need..


The Jango Project is a non-profit organization with a remarkable history, founded by an individual who served as a Peace Corps Senegal health volunteer starting in 2016. The founder, Conor Byrnes, arrived in a small village with the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of its people.

During his time in the village, Conor became deeply attached to the community, witnessing both their struggles and aspirations. And after leaving 6 months early to pursue higher education, Conor made a promise to continue working with the community, once the US Peace Corps decided to close the site.

Determined to honor his commitment, once the Peace Corp’s site was closed, Conor sought to identify the most pressing needs of the village. Through discussions with the villagers, it became clear that early childhood education was crucially absent. The majority of children in the village faced challenges in understanding and communicating in French when they began formal schooling, which all takes place in French.

In response to this need, Conor embarked on a mission to establish a preschool, locally known as "une case de tout-petits". This preschool aimed to provide cultural education, day-care services, nutritional lunch distribution, and preparation for the public school system.

From Berlin, Jango Project began budgeting and crowd-funding for the preschool project. Overcoming various social and financial obstacles, the first preschool was built by 2018, and another one followed suit in 2022. These schools, fully recognized by the government, were locally managed and provided daily lunches to over 70 students between the ages of 4 and 7 years old.

The success and fulfillment derived from these projects encouraged the founder to establish the Jango Project as a formal organization. He, along with his family, registered the project as a 501-c3 non-profit organization in December of 2022. The Jango Project's mission expanded to encompass projects and programs supporting children's healthy development in developing countries, focusing on education, nutrition, and the environment.

Beyond the borders of Senegal, the Jango Project ventured into new territories. One of their notable initiatives involved building a playground in Kenya's slums, entirely constructed from recycled materials. Collaborating with a local partner met in Paris, the project aimed to provide children with a safe and enjoyable space for play and recreation.

As the Jango Project looks ahead, it is preparing for a relaunch with more professional fundraising campaigns. The organization is actively seeking trustworthy partners with viable ideas to expand its work. The focus remains on areas where there is strong local need and support have already been established, including Dakar, south of Marrakech, north of Mumbai, rural northern Senegal, and outside of Nairobi, Kenya.

The Jango Project's approach, based on the People First Impact Method (P-FIM), reflects the founder's deep commitment to community-driven initiatives that address the specific needs and aspirations of the people they aim to serve. Through empowering communities and fostering children's healthy development, the Jango Project envisions a future where every child has access to quality education, proper nutrition, and a sustainable environment, regardless of their circumstances. With the founder's dedication and passion, the Jango Project continues to make a profound difference in the lives of numerous children and communities worldwide.


The Senegalese villages of Agnam Tonguel, Mboyo Dieri, Guède Dieri, and Djegesse are facing severe water shortages due to increased desertification, which have led to a drastic decline in the water table, preventing access to clean drinking water for over 10,000 people. Our initiative will combat this by installing 32 300W solar panels along with essential equipment, empowering these communities with renewable energy to operate water pumps efficiently. By harnessing solar power, we'll bolster the pump's capacity to extract water from deeper within the water table, ensuring a reliable water supply for generations to come.

Join the Jango Project in this vital mission to provide a sustainable solution to water scarcity and improve the lives of thousands in need. Every contribution counts in bringing hope and prosperity to these villages.


The mission is to ensure that every student in our schools receives daily nutritious meals, empowering them to unlock their full learning potential while nurturing their holistic growth and fostering a foundation of lifelong health.

Meals are not just about filling stomachs; they're about fueling minds. The link between quality nutrition and education is undeniable. When children have access to nutritious meals, they're better able to concentrate in class, participate in activities, and engage with their peers. This not only improves their academic performance but also fosters a positive learning environment for all students.

Moreover, the connection between nutrition and quality of life extends far beyond the classroom. Proper nutrition during childhood sets the foundation for lifelong health and well-being. By investing in our School Canteen Program, you're not just providing meals; you're investing in the future health and happiness of our children.

We can't do it alone. We're calling on compassionate individuals like you to join us in this mission by making a recurring monthly donation of $10 or more. It's a small sacrifice for you, but for the children we serve, it's life-changing.

Here's the impact your donation can have: for $10, the price of just one meal, your monthly contribution can help provide approximately one hundred meals per month to children in need. That's one hundred more chances created for a child to focus, grow, and thrive because they have the nutrition they need.


In Agnam Tonguel, Senegal, we are continuing a crucial project to fundraise and construct a protective wall around our school compound. Our mission is to create a safe and secure environment for the children, nurturing their well-being while offering ample opportunities for play and development.

The sturdy compound wall serves as a physical barrier, bolstering the security of the school premises. With the enclosed compound, we create a shielded space where children can learn and play without any safety concerns. This enhanced security brings peace of mind to both the children and their families, ensuring a conducive and supportive learning environment.

Beyond security, the compound wall optimizes the use of space, allowing us to designate specific areas for recreational activities and small gardening projects. Children can engage in play and develop their physical and cognitive skills within this controlled and nurturing environment.

Play is essential for children's holistic development, fostering valuable social, emotional, and cognitive skills, encouraging creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. By creating designated play areas within the protected compound, we enable children to explore their imagination, participate in physical activities, and build meaningful social connections with their peers.

The compound wall also opens doors to small gardening projects. Through this initiative, children gain an interactive and educational experience, learning about sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. Nurturing small gardens within the compound instills a sense of responsibility and an understanding of food cultivation, fostering a deeper appreciation for nature.

To ensure the successful completion of this project, we actively engage in fundraising efforts. We appeal to individuals, organizations, and communities, inviting them to contribute to this noble cause. Funds raised will be allocated towards the construction of the compound wall, encompassing essential materials, labor, and project management.

Through the dedication of our team, the generosity of donors, and the collaboration of the local community, we strive to complete the construction of the compound wall. This ongoing project not only strengthens the security of the school compound but also unlocks a world of opportunities for children to play, learn, and embrace small gardening projects that promote environmental consciousness and sustainability.

Together, we create a nurturing environment where children can flourish, ensuring their safety, fostering their development, and empowering them with life skills that will positively shape their futures. Join the Jango Project on this meaningful journey as we make a lasting impact on the lives of these young learners in Agnam Tonguel, Senegal.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Images by Louise Betaille for Jango Project  

All rights reserved.


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