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Zucchini velouté with spring peas, coconut cream and micro greens. 

Whipped berry porridge with sliced pink lady & almond flowers. 

Alessandra is a holistic plant based chef, a recipe developer and health coach living on the island of Mallorca.

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with Cordon Bleu and Michelin Star training, Alessandra offers flavourful, health-conscious and refined culinary services with a Mediterranean flair, using foraged, fermented and sprouted ingredients.

With a background in fashion design and events, she pursued her passion and trained at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy in Florence. 

After becoming a professional chef, she immersed herself in the world of innovative fine dining. This led her to Mallorca, where she worked with Michelin starred chefs including  Andreu Genestra at his farm-to-fork restaurant.

Such experiences enriched her passion, discipline and respect for food. With this in mind, Alessandra established Holistic Dining, a conscious approach to food that delights the senses while nourishing the body and soul.


“ I truly believe that taking care of how we nourish ourselves is the key to a happy and balanced life, and this starts with what we put into our bodies!

I began working as a holistic chef out of the desire to bring the enjoyment of delicious, indulgent, and sophisticated food to all. I prioritize working with local, sustainable, and zero-waste ingredients, choosing whole foods and seasonal produce for my dishes. 

I love to share the incredible array of magical herbs, spices and superfoods that nature has to offer.

As a plant-based chef, my goal is to share my love and appreciation for the natural world and simply show others how to enjoyably and intentionally include more plants into their diet. Having experienced the miraculous healing powers of plants has compelled me to discover and develop methods to provide thoroughly enjoyable plant- based food that ticks all the nutritional boxes and that is free from allergens, and toxic processed ingredients.”

We were fortunate enough to collaborate with this most talented woman in Mallorca last November, enjoying her plant-based, healthy, and cruelty-free diet. Delicious fermented food free from processed ingredients, refined sugar, dairy, animal protein, and toxic ingredients

Learning from Mother Nature to align with the land and the soil and reduce our impact on the environment..

Alessandra Mariotti shot by Raquel Franco for Datura Studio.

All rights reserved.


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